Our objective is to generate a sustainable economic, social and environmental system which successfully articulates artisans with high-end conscious markets. Maintaining and recreating cultural knowledge, rooting youngsters to their land and healthily connecting the links of the chain.
The difficult sustainable articulation of the artisan families with the high-end conscious markets -potential buyers to their products- leads them to sell their products locally at a very low price. Consequently they are not able to extend their protential to other markets.

Low prices -combined with other factors- are causing the majority of youngsters to be uninterested in continuing with ancestral traditions.
This implies not only the loss of ancestral knowledge -which expresses and constitutes their culture- but also promotes migration to big cities generating serious structural and social problems that are very difficult to resolve.
Latin America carries a diversity of knowledge that is the result of processes that coexist overlappingly in today┬┤s societies making them difficult to understand.

Each region has its own history thus understanding the huge cultural richness of this continent.